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Early Promotion Program

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1 Early Promotion Program on Sat Feb 12, 2011 12:16 am


In the coming days an Early Promotion Program will be listed. It will have various titles available to take on. Each title will have a set of responsibilities and privileges. A description noting how long you most hold the title for promotion will be provided. There will also be other ways to gain early promotion that will not require a title/responsibilities... e.g. donations of materials, equipment, and cc's. Or offering a real life service such as graphic art, or writing, etc. Anyway, the EPP guide will explain everything.

Note: No member is required to take on rank or titles or provide other services. The involvement and say you have in guild matters is entirely up to you!

Things to look for soon!

In the future:

Special positions and awards will be available for those who meet the prerequisite requirements. This requirements will come in the form of classes on the forum, practicals in game, and various other methods.

A list showing all the available Ribbons, Medals, Citations, with descriptions coming soon and how to earn them soon!

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