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Rules & Regulations

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1 Rules & Regulations on Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:47 am


Here are some basics rules:

1) Be Respectfull all the time.

2) Be loyal to your members and you shall be rewarded.

3) Follow the orders of your superiors even if it makes no sens to you. If you think someone is not at his place, please talk respectfully to Achidan or the superior of the concerning person about the matter.

4) Remember that rule 3 is not without consequences! Be cautious!

5) We are at war! So thats means if a group of the same guild attack you, report it immediatly to your superiors.

6) We are always looking for improvements! Don't be afraid to share your ideas.

7) Try not to always ask to the guildmaster (Achidan) about every matter you have, talk first to your superior right after you, then him/her will look into it.

8 ) Knowledge is the key! Never reveal our plans nor our positions to anyone that is not officially a member of the guild and without the permission of your superiors!

9) By not following one of these rules, you could be retrograded or banned with or without further notice!

10) Never be afraid to ask for help, we are brothers in arms after all!

11) Have fun!

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